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How to get a PirateMail email address.

You should have a PirateMail email address one day after your college application is processed. To check to see if your PirateMail account has been created, you need to logon to Spyglass, Pensacola State's Student Information System. Please note that while Spyglass may show your email address, it still takes one day to activate.

Here is what you'll see:

Spyglass Login Screen

If you have trouble logging into Spyglass, call 850-471-4534 or email us at helpdesk@pensacolastate.edu.


After logging in, here is what you'll see:

Spyglass Screen

There are two pieces of information on Spyglass homepage that you'll want to remember, your Email Address and your Student ID Number. For your convenience, there is a "Print Page" button in the lower left corner of the Spyglass homepage .

After you have this information, Sign Off of Spyglass, close the Spyglass window and return to the PirateMail login page.

Would you like to login to Spyglass now to get this information?


If you know this information, you may want to go to:

Logging on to PirateMail for the first time


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